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The truth is, we don’t need a report to tell us about the pain of not getting along – everyone has lived the frustration and stress of incompatibility. You can have the most skilled and talented people and yet, they can’t come together to get work done.

It is not a skills or talent problem…it’s a problem of compatibility. People are thrown together haphazardly with results much like target shooting in the dark. Once in a while you hit the target, but that’s by chance, not by design.

What if a software application could drastically increase your chances of hitting that target over and over again? What if this product could show why and where team problems will happen and even map out how to solve them?

That’s where Empatico steps in. Empatico not only explains workplace conflict at a behavioral level, it provides the tools to proactively build compatibility, productivity and performance, all from an interactive, real-time dashboard.

Pairs and Teams

Compatibility Reports.

Instant acccess reports show  you compatibility challenges and provide actionable tactics.

Team Formation.
Team Optimization.

Built-in workflow enables you to rapidly build teams,  assess compatibility and make strategic changes.

$359B US

the cost of incompatibility



UP TO 40%

…increase in team productivity


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