We help small businesses plan and develop their workforce

We help small businesses plan and develop their workforce.

We built Empatico to respond to these challenging issues:



Today’s rapidly evolving workforce demands that companies build strong yet flexible relationships within their teams by optimizing their composition and facilitating soft skill development.

This is all the more challenging in an environment of extreme labour shortages, increasing diversity, varied work schedules, and the rise of millennials, who bring different values to the workplace.

Empatico provides managers the analytics and tools they need to recruit, re-skill, and retain top talent in a new, more dynamic workforce.

The Need

For Agile Teams

Empatico’s software uses our 30 years of research into the psychology of team dynamics to optimize a team’s ability to adapt, innovate, and compete.

Managers of small organizations are particularly vulnerable to the impact of low team compatibility. The time and money spent on existing team  workshops is costly and fails to produce actionable & measurable steps that integrate with the daily challenges of leading a team.

Now, Empatico can deliver the insights and actions you need more efficiently and economically.



Most HR technology is designed for mid-sized and enterprise companies.

Empatico’s software is designed for the small business manager working with small business teams.

Start out small with our recruitment, mentoring or team analytics services. Then graduate to our competency model, and workforce performance development.

From a team of 3 to a small business of 100 people, our software scales talent development like nothing else in the market. 

Soft Skill


Today’s business leaders recognize that soft skills development contributes significantly to the bottom line in making employees more  productive.

We get it, and we’ve responded. Our cutting-edge approach allows for the seamless integration of soft skills development so you can track the development of competencies across your organization.


Getting to Know Us

We have over 30 years of experience working with small business owners on their technology and talent management programs.

Today, we specialize in the application of behavioural sciences delivered through innovative software solutions for small business teams.


Meet our team

Co-Founder & CEO

Bob Telfer

Bob studied applied anthropology at the University of British Columbia and the University of Waterloo throughout the 1990’s. 

He then co-founded a custom software development company based out of Stratford, ON Canada which grew into a successful business helping many companies develop their digital media strategies and incubating many spinoff start-up companies. Bob was successful in raising over $4M in funding for various startup companies. 

In 2013, he joined Dr. Don Wright forming Empatico to help develop an innovative approach to talent management for small businesses. Empatico is a dream come true for Bob providing an opportunity to blend together psychology with rapidly developing technologies that help business owners and teams navigate through challenging people issues & workforce transformations.

Co-Founder & Lead Science

Dr. Don Wright

Dr. Don, our Chief Science Officer, has studied and applied the science of human behaviour for over 40 years.  His research, psychometric instruments, and innovations are astounding in their ability to help improve people’s lives and the working culture within teams and organizations. 

Don received undergraduate and graduate degrees at Murray State University, the University of Toronto and St. Stephen’s College where he discovered and formulated his ideas on the Auxiliary Reserve – a discovery that opens up opportunities for individuals to become more aware of both conscious and unconscious dimensions of their personality. Building on these discoveries, Don developed the early foundation of his psychometric assessments, inter-personal & team analytics and talent management applications which eventually developed into Empatico.

Director & Partner

Shann McGrail

Connecting the dots in new ways for outstanding results is a signature strength for Shann. 

Prior to starting her own company Devreve, she spent many years at Microsoft Canada, most recently as the National Director for the Education segment.  In that role, she led her team to consistently grow revenue, deliver high client satisfaction through innovative solutions and partnerships. 

Shann was also responsible for driving market share of cloud services such as Office 365 and Microsoft Azure leading the Canadian education segment to #1 worldwide for cloud services adoption. 

Shann is most passionate about helping others succeed in reaching their potential and getting the most from the power of technology and partnerships.  

Marketing Director

Jessica Vollman

Jessica founded The Vollman Group in 2016 to help startups scale company operations internationally through strategy, marketing and consistent customer experience.

Prior to founding The Vollman Group Jessica was one of the first employees at education company General Assembly, most recently serving as Director of New Market Expansion. She helped develop the company’s go-to-market strategy, managed launch operations and built strategic partnerships, enabling the company to scale to 700 employees in 14 cities around the world.

Jessica is a mentor for the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women which supports women entrepreneurs in developing and emerging economies.

Software engineer

Gary Wright

Gary Wright’s involvement with Empatico dates back many years to the very early days of our assessment technologies and algorithms. He’s intimately familiar with our underlying science and has the perfect full-stack developer ability to jump into the back-end, front-end and everything in between. 

Outside of Empatico, Gary developed an innovative CMS platform called TerrainPark where he automated and streamlined the production of social software platforms.

Gary is an incredible team player with endless energy which brings happiness and smiles to our team everyday.

Board Chair

Elizabeth Gaffney

Elizabeth was the president of John Gaffney Construction Company Ltd for over 18 years where she was responsible for management including legal, accounting, union, government and human resources.

She instructed at Conestoga College for 8 years on Contract Bid Management and Construction Jobsite Management. Elizabeth has a proven ability to support Executives in fast-paced environments, and believes in the value of a solid team, making her a great fit to Chair our Board of Directors.