01 Motivation

What drives our team to help companies embrace a new world of work? Find out by reading what motivates us.

The science of personality and organizational behavior continues to develop and adapt to changing workforce needs.

Learn about our team and the people behind our innovative approach to talent mangement.


For over 25 years, Empatico has been involved in researching & working in the science of organizational behaviour, team compatibility and talent development.

We operate our businesses today in the face of massive changes in workforce transformation. Regardless of where you live in the world, in both urban and rural communities, the competition for talent is staggering.

We are committed to developing innovative solutions to help today’s business owners transition into this new world of work.

Our Motivation

We want to help you retain good people.

Small businesses today lose up to 10% of their entire workforce in a year. Turnover problems are culture problems. We help strengthen your culture and retain more people.

We want to help you solve your skills & talent gaps.

The most sought-after skills for new employees are soft skills like teamwork, communication or motivation. Training for soft skills can be time consuming, full of red-tape and costly. 

We created a better way. 

We want to help you make great hires.

Small businesses are so vulnerable to making poor hiring decisions. We take the pain out of selection and ensure your hires are good matches with their role, team and culture.

We want to help optimize your teams.

We are pioneers in the science of team compatibility.  With so much work dependent on collaboration, we want to help you build teams that connect.

We want to help with your tough people problems.

Working with people is the toughest part of a leader’s job. Over 85% of employees experience some kind of conflict – 49% of that conflict resulting from personality clashes and egos. 

Learn about our science