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Our Science

We’ve been writing and working with psychometric assessments for over 30 years. We’ve tried and used all kinds of approaches. From the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) to Emotion Intelligence systems (Eq), Five Factor based assessments to team evaluations like Kolbe, Disc and StrengthFinders.  

We like to focus on how people use their brains. We use some convenient terms to describes people’s strengths and vulnerabilities because there are real and identifiable patterns in how people think, draw conclusions and process information that tends to stick with us throughout our lives. But these terms are useful tools and never intended to label or pigeon hole people. Every individual behaves differently according to their own complex history, childhood, desires, goals and experiences. 

Our integration of personality psychology with some aspects of Situational Leadership Theory forms the foundation of our work on Team Cultures. This model helps direct the optimization of team compositions to support needed talents and workforce development.

We place emphasis on setting up a process where owners and business leaders can more easily track how shifts in employee and team behaviors line up with predictable expectations. 

We are a commercial business so the impact of our science on improving the bottom line of our clients is our highest priority.  

We pay close attention to our assessments and test construction to make sure that the questions we are asking are measuring what we think they are measuring (Validity) and that our measurements are repeatable with subsequent re-testing of individuals (Reliability).

At the core of Empatico is a real-time process of assessing and developing talent, and adjusting HR strategies as we learn new insights about people and teams. 

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