Flexible pricing for small business needs

From entry level recruitment and team solutions to a fully integrated talent development suite, our software scales with your workforce.


Evaluate an applicants match
with an existing team.

$ 450
/ flat fee
  • Unlimited Applicants
  • Team Compatibility
  • Pair Compatibility


Evaluate an applicants match
with a job role and a team.

$ 850
/ flat fee
  • Recruit Lite +
  • 1 Role Sketch
  • Role Matching

Team Optimization

Run unlimited profiles and optimize
up to three concurrent teams.

$ 150
/ month
  • Recruit Pro+
  • 3 Concurrent Teams
  • 3 Role Sketches


Integrated recruiting, team optimization and
soft skills development.
$ 250
/ month
  • Team Optimization +
  • Skills Development
  • Talent Pool Analytics
Available as a white label

Customize the look and feel of your company account to match your organization’s branding.

We are here to help

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Enterprise solutions

For enterprise consultations including company wide integration, team workshops or custom analytics, contact us to setup an initial discussion.