A talent development solution for small businesses with big ambitions.

In this day of massive workforce transformation, small business owners and managing directors need better options for recruiting, forming teams, re-skilling and retaining their people. 

Match candidates to roles, teams and culture

Our Recruit Catalyst package provides small businesses with a baseline evaluation of compatibility between job candidates and existing team members. It will forecast for you the impact of new members to the team.


Our Recruit Pro package extends your recruiting potential with Role Sketches – behavioural snapshots of a role that capture the role competencies and auto-generate soft skills that best integrate with a team.

Create teams that positively impact culture, productivity and mentorship.

Our team compatibility analytics represent a breakthrough in team optimization.

You’ll learn how the composition of the team affects the working culture and talents of the team, and what you can do to shift the team over time to support the organization’s goals.

Learn who has high compatibility and are top influencers, and who has low compatibility and might struggle in their role or on a team.  



Accelerate talent faster through soft skill development.

Today’s small business managers need new HR tools that are as multifaceted as their diverse workforce. Managers need nuanced assessment tools that can be used to help employees with their performance development and career progression, while simultaneously working to solve the skills gaps in the business.

Empatico’s Role Sketch and Performance Feedback tools enable you to observe and develop employee soft skills and talents while monitoring when people are ready for new challenges and opportunities.